Check up
the similarity with the signs
of varicose veins by photos

Evaluate the risk of occurrence and development of varicose
by photos online
Get recommendations in 2 minutes
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How it works
You upload the photo of legs
Artificial Intelligence trained on thousands of images of real people will study your photo and evaluate the risk of varicose veins
You get the result and recommendations for further actions
With an accuracy of more than 95%, we will evaluate the risk of varicose veins by the photo
How did we achieve such high accuracy in the results of the system?
  • Large volume and high-quality data set
    To train the neural network and configure the system's algorithms, we used more than 12 000 confirmed cases, taken only from verified sources.
  • Competent data processing
    The whole process of data collection and markup is properly organized.
  • Manual verification of each result
    Each case was verified and confirmed by a consilum of three experts.
  • Continuous learning of the sysytem
    The system has feedback, is constantly updated with new data and continues to learn in the "hybrid" intelligence mode.
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