Ivenus.ai – helps phlebologists to increase the number of patients for appointment and operation by 20-30%
The main goal of the service is to help clinics and telemedicine service providers to increase the conversion rate to an appointment with a phlebologist/vascular surgeon. This will increase the partner's revenue, and provide the end user (patient) a link to professional medical service and a turnkey solution to the vascular problem.
How the service works
The client gets the opportunity to conduct a quick check-up of veins based on a photo that is uploaded on the website or in the personal account of the mobile application.
As a result of the analysis of the photo, the service gives the client an informational consultation with a recommendation to consult a phlebologist/vascular surgeon (if a certain diagnosis is suspected).
Andrey Denisov
СЕО, Founder, Entrepreneur
Denisov Vladimir
MD, Medical Expert
Polina Lonshakova
Marketing & promotion
Marina Kuhareva
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