Intended Use

Ivenus Mobile and Web interface helps clinics and telemedicine services increase the success rate (a conversion) to make an appointment with a doctor, a vascular surgeon or a phlebologist; hence, to increase the medical institution's revenue and to provide the end user with a professional medical service and a solution to the vascular problem.

Ivenus Mobile and Web interface is designed for use by non-professionals to create, record, process and store images of human legs in order to obtain information about varicose veins, as well as the general risks of occurrence and development of the disease.

Ivenus Mobile and Web interface can be used by healthcare professionals (general practitioners, cosmetologists, phlebologists) in educational purposes for evaluating the state of varicose veins of the legs from a photograph taken with a smartphone camera to detect possible signs of similarity with the classes of varicose veins found in the database of this software provision.

This is mobile and web interface for image processing and documentation. The Ivenus Mobile and Web interface cannot be used to make a decision about the diagnosis, presence or absence of a disease on the basis of the online screening, without consulting a doctor and additional investigation.

Recommendations For Using Ivenus Mobile And Web interface

Ivenus Mobile and Web interface is intended for:

• increase in conversion of appointments to a doctor;
• the opportunity to make an appointment with phlebologists;
• taking images of the human legs with high magnification;
• documenting images and their processing (enlarging, magnifying, zooming);
• obtaining general information about the manifestations of varicose veins;
• obtaining general information on the classification of varicose veins of the legs;
• being used by healthcare professionals for educational purposes to research the varicose veins of the legs.


• The device should not be used for diagnosis and clinical decision making.
• The device should be used with no moisturizers, self-tanners, creams or lotions with reflective particles.
• The photograph should not be taken against a background in flesh tones.
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